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Regaining my balance

After having a bad fall getting out of the shower, I've been really struggling to feel confident on my feet and regain my balance. I have been doing some physical therapy and getting some followup support from my medical team to help me regain my confidence. I want to be able to live as an independent person and not always be worrying about slipping and hurting myself again. This blog has some tips from other people who have recovered from serious injuries and falls, and regained their confidence in their balance. I hope it will help other people in their journey to regain their balance.

Best Ways to Save on Medical Bills

3 January 2017
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Are your medical bills skyrocketing? Do you feel like you're spending too much on medical care? Good health is an essential asset to everyone, so it is important to know how to manage medical bills and stay within budget. Sometimes, you may find yourself paying for medical expenses that are not in your budget. There are times when doctors recommend some specific medical tests which are really expensive. People experiencing financial difficulties may find it difficult to pay for such tests from their pockets. Read More …

Practical Advice On Caring For A Loved One With Dementia

29 December 2016
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Dementia and associated conditions are on the rise. As healthcare improves and people are living longer, more and more cases of dementia are being diagnosed. When a loved one is diagnosed with a form of dementia,  it can be devastating for all involved. Many families want to care for them at home for as long as possible, and while admirable, this is not altogether as simple as it sounds. Carers can be put under immense strain, and the daily practicalities of caring for loved one with dementia can be overwhelming. Read More …

Sexually Transmitted Diseases: Understanding the Common Infections

27 December 2016
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As implied, sexually transmitted diseases refers to the category of diseases which is primarily spread through sexual contact. It is crucial for you to know and understand these conditions. This will ensure that you will be able to recognise any associated medical problem early and seek immediate treatment. In general, most of the pertinent infections are completely treatable or manageable, but they can cause permanent damage if allowed to fester for prolonged periods. Read More …

How to Avoid Holiday Dental Emergencies

20 December 2016
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When enjoying the holidays with those close to you, any form of distraction isn't welcomed. The pain from dental emergencies when traveling or dental offices are closed for holidays can be excruciating. By planning ahead and taking care of your oral health, you can avoid holiday dental emergencies. Here's what you need to do: Avoid crunching Many people are tempted to crunch up ice cube leftovers after finishing an ice-cold beverage. Read More …

The Benefits Of Cycling For Back Pain In The Over 50s

17 November 2016
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There's no doubt about it; cycling is now one of the most popular sports on the planet, especially with the over-fifties.  It's a great activity to get involved in with many benefits including fresh air, exercise, social interaction, weight loss and saving money by swopping four wheels for two. As a non-impact sport, cycling can also be very beneficial for your back if you suffer from chronic back pain caused by conditions such as sciatica. Read More …