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After having a bad fall getting out of the shower, I've been really struggling to feel confident on my feet and regain my balance. I have been doing some physical therapy and getting some followup support from my medical team to help me regain my confidence. I want to be able to live as an independent person and not always be worrying about slipping and hurting myself again. This blog has some tips from other people who have recovered from serious injuries and falls, and regained their confidence in their balance. I hope it will help other people in their journey to regain their balance.

How Pre-Marriage Counselling Can Divorce-Proof Your Relationship

24 January 2017
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It's commonly believed that around half of all marriages will end in divorce. While this number isn't accurate, statistics in Australia do show that one in three marriages don't succeed. If you're about to get married, you are probably more concerned about your upcoming wedding than worrying about the whether your marriage will end up in the divorce courts. However, marriage is about more than a beautiful dress and an exotic honeymoon. Read More …

4 Types of Footwear to Avoid When You Have an Ingrown Toenail

23 January 2017
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The pain from an ingrown toenail can be intense. Wearing certain types of shoes can make it even worse, leaving you struggling to walk. Here are four types of footwear to avoid while you wait for an appointment with an ingrown toenail service. 1. Pointed Toe Shoes Shoes with pointed ends crowd your toes together, putting pressure on your ingrown toenail. This can cause intense pain and inflammation as the nail presses further into the skin. Read More …

Eyebrow Tattoos: What You Need To Know About This Cosmetic Procedure

9 January 2017
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When it comes to permanent makeup, one procedure that is garnering widespread popularity is eyebrow tattooing. As the name suggests, the tattoo artist will shave off your natural eyebrows and replace them with permanent ink in an attractive shape to suit your overall appearance. In addition to this, the eyebrow tattoos are designed to last a significant amount of time, thus ensuring that you never have to worry about your eyebrows as part of your beauty regime. Read More …

Pharmacy Compounding Services: 3 Ways the Pharmacies Remove Static from Powders

30 December 2016
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When compounding several different medications or pharmaceutical compounds together to create an ideal medication for you, the compounding service will first have to remove any lingering static that clings onto the powders. Some pharmaceutical compounds have a charge on them, and this 'static cling' can cause the powders to either clump up or stick to reloading components and tools. To give you a better understanding of the complexity behind compounding services, here are 3 ways that pharmacies remove static from the powders they work with. Read More …

In-Home Care: Reasons It Would Be Beneficial For Your Senior Loved One

18 November 2016
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If you have a geriatric loved one who requires constant care, chances are you have considered a long-term care facility to meet their needs. However, these care facilities can be quite expensive for most people. As such, you may have to contemplate hiring in-home care services. If you have found yourself having to decide the long-term care plans for your loved one, below is an outline of the ways in-home care would be beneficial to them. Read More …