Eyebrow Tattoos: What You Need To Know About This Cosmetic Procedure

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Eyebrow Tattoos: What You Need To Know About This Cosmetic Procedure

9 January 2017
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When it comes to permanent makeup, one procedure that is garnering widespread popularity is eyebrow tattooing. As the name suggests, the tattoo artist will shave off your natural eyebrows and replace them with permanent ink in an attractive shape to suit your overall appearance. In addition to this, the eyebrow tattoos are designed to last a significant amount of time, thus ensuring that you never have to worry about your eyebrows as part of your beauty regime.  However, just as with most cosmetic procedures, eyebrow tattoos come with their own pros and cons. Below is an outline of some of the different things that you should know about their procedure before embarking on it.

Pros of eyebrow tattooing

The procure is hassle free: One of the primary benefits of eyebrow tattooing is that it makes your life much easier. These tattoos are hassle fee, which means you do not have to worry about your makeup smudging, washing off or smearing if you come into direct physical contact with other people. Another reason why eyebrow tattooing is hassle free is that this cosmetic procedure takes a short amount of time when compared to other cosmetic procedures. Being an outpatient procedure, you can easily schedule an appointment within your day and have your eyebrows tattooed at your own convenience.

Eyebrow tattooing is safe: Granted, a majority of people will assume that eyebrow tattooing is a fairly new cosmetic procedure. The reality of the matter though is that this technology has been used in the cosmetic industry for decades. Therefore, you can rest assured that it meets governmental health regulations. It should also be noted that since this type of cosmetic procedure has become increasingly risk-free, some manufacturers have even developed home tattoo kits for the individuals who feel they are up to carrying this out at their residence by a certified cosmetologist. Take note not to try to tattoo these on your own as not only could it result in uneven eyebrows but you could end up injuring yourself if you do not have the appropriate expertise.

Cons of eyebrow tattooing

Despite the numerous benefits and convenience, that eyebrow tattoos offer, there are a couple of drawbacks you should take note of. Firstly, your eyebrows may begin to itch severely as the tattoos heal. This happens because the ink is having a reaction with your dermis. Secondly, the pain that you may experience when getting this cosmetic tattoo will largely depend on your own pain threshold. Thus, it can be excruciating for people who are extremely sensitive to pain.