In-Home Care: Reasons It Would Be Beneficial For Your Senior Loved One

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In-Home Care: Reasons It Would Be Beneficial For Your Senior Loved One

18 November 2016
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If you have a geriatric loved one who requires constant care, chances are you have considered a long-term care facility to meet their needs. However, these care facilities can be quite expensive for most people. As such, you may have to contemplate hiring in-home care services. If you have found yourself having to decide the long-term care plans for your loved one, below is an outline of the ways in-home care would be beneficial to them.

In-home care is a cost effective alternative

What some people do not realise about in-home care is that it can be quite affordable, as it will be based on your personal needs. Granted, you may have to invest in specialised medical equipment in relation to your loved one's health. Additionally, you would have to pay wages to the caregiver. Nevertheless, by opting for in-home care, you eliminate expenses such as accommodation, meal plans and a host of other fees that you would accrue by enrolling them in a nursing home. It should also be noted that with in-home care, you get to decide the frequency at which the caregiver would be with your loved one. For instance, if your loved one is semi-independent, the caregiver could visit them a couple of times a week to carry out tasks such as laundry, cooking for them and more. You also get the flexibility to base the wages on an hourly or weekly basis depending on your needs.

In-home care keeps your loved one in a familiar environment

One of the drawbacks of opting for a nursing care facility is that you have to uproot your loved one from their home. For some senior citizens, this experience can be quite traumatic, especially if they are introverted. You will also find that the elderly who are suffering from cognitive disabilities such as Alzheimer's will show signs of their mental health deteriorating, as they will not be familiar with the new environment, which further confuses them. If you would like to ease the transition for your loved of having to be cared for by a stranger, it would be best to leave them in their own home or have them move into your residence.

In-home care is personalised

Although nursing facilities have the advantage of your loved ones being around their peers, they do present the drawback of being understaffed. As such, it is rare for your senior loved one to receive complete personalised care during their stay there. By opting for in-home care, you are not only hiring someone to take care of them, but you are also providing them with a companion. This one-on-one care would be better for their overall wellbeing as you can be assured their needs will be attended to as they arise.