4 Reasons to Consider Getting an Ultrasound Scan

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4 Reasons to Consider Getting an Ultrasound Scan

26 May 2022
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There are numerous reasons to get an ultrasound over other diagnostic imaging tests like CT scans or X-rays. Ultrasound relies on sound waves or echoes to take images inside a patient's body. Generally, this method offers numerous distinct benefits over other techniques because of its safety and convenience. Here are some reasons to choose ultrasound: 

Offers Excellent Soft Tissue Visualisation 

One of the best techniques used to visualise soft tissues is ultrasound. Whether you want to get clear images of internal organs or muscles, ultrasound offers a more effective, non-invasive solution. Since sound meets soft tissues at varying densities, echoes reflect and are measured by ultrasound technologies. 

Furthermore, the properties of echoes, including timing and intensity, are usually based on soft tissue features. Besides, tumours and other tissue abnormalities have varying densities compared to the adjacent tissues, meaning they will show up more clearly on ultrasound scans. 

It's Much Safer Than Other Imaging Techniques 

Ultrasound imaging depends on high-frequency sound waves to create images. Unlike other conventional imaging methods, it doesn't rely on radiation. Therefore, medical practitioners can diagnose radiation-based health conditions through ultrasound scans. 

Furthermore, numerous imaging techniques need specific substances like contrast agents to highlight potential health issues during diagnostic imaging. Generally, doctors might inject or offer contrast agents to patients orally, allowing these drugs to circulate throughout the bloodstream. Unfortunately, some patients with acute allergies might react negatively to contrast agents. For such cases, ultrasound is the best imaging method that doesn't rely on contrast agents for safer scans. It doesn't present any health risks to the patient. 

It's a Non-Inversive Imaging Technique 

Generally, an ultrasound specialist only needs to place the probe in locations that require visualisation. In other instances, a radiologist might place the imaging probe inside the body cavity to visualise specific organs without necessarily making incisions on a patient's body. For example, transvaginal ultrasounds might be necessary to get clear images of the female reproductive system, including the ovaries and uterus.

Furthermore, ultrasound plays a pivotal role during real-time operations. Doctors can position the probe inside the patient's body for effective visualisation. Throughout such processes, ultrasound doesn't break a patient's skin. 

It's Fast and Accessible 

Ultrasound scanning is a quick process, usually lasting only a few minutes. The most comprehensive ultrasound scanning doesn't exceed an hour. That makes ultrasound more convenient for patients with busy schedules.

Finally, ultrasound is relatively less costly than other conventional imaging technologies. Medical practitioners only require a water-based gel that helps the probe's signals travel through the skin and internal body organs. That translates to reduced medical bills, and it's the primary reason physicians will recommend ultrasound first before any other imaging techniques.