Anti-Wrinkle Treatments: Natural Remedies You Can Make Right At Home

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Anti-Wrinkle Treatments: Natural Remedies You Can Make Right At Home

16 November 2016
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If you walk into any given pharmacy or supermarket, you will find aisles dedicated to lotions and potions that promise to reverse the ageing process. Anti-wrinkle creams and gels are available in abundance and you could easily end up spending a small fortune in an attempt to remedy sagging or wrinkling skin on your face. Luckily, before spending money on these lotions and creams, you could first try to contend with wrinkles using homemade remedies. Below are some of the natural remedies that you can make right at home for anti-wrinkle treatments.

Lemon juice

The main vitamin in lemons, Vitamin C, is considered one of the strongest antioxidants. There are several ways that rubbing lemon juice on your skin can help in boosting a youthful appearance. Firstly, the lemon juice as some bleaching properties, which will function to eliminate any dark spots that form on your facial skin due to ageing.  Apply the lemon juice onto your skin and leave it to dry before rinsing it off with some plain, cold water. Secondly, the lemon can be mixed with honey and applied directly onto the skin as a face mask. This will soothe any skin inflammation while also tightening the skin, thus reducing the occurrence of wrinkles.

Rice milk

Rice has been used by the Japanese as part of their skin care routines for time immemorial. This is because it is a great natural ingredient that can be used for exfoliation, which will give you smoother skin. To make this rice milk cleanser, mix some brown rice with a few tablespoons of milk to create a paste. You can then apply the paste directly onto your skin using circular motions. This should help in eliminating surface dirt on your skin while also smoothening out any wrinkling and bumps on your skin. Once you are done with the cleansing process, you should rinse off the paste using some tepid water. Apply some toner and moisturiser to the dried skin to tighten your pore and hydrate your skin.


Papaya is known as a great source of vitamin A, making it good for your eyesight. One little-known benefit of papaya is that it is also quite beneficial for your skin regime. This fruit contains an enzyme referred to as papain that is capable of digesting any dead cells that may have accumulation on your skin. Mash the papaya into a smooth paste and apply it as a facemask to make your skin firmer while enhancing its elasticity. Once the papaya mask begins to feel like it is drying out, rinse it off with warm water.