Physiotherapy for handling hamstring strains

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Physiotherapy for handling hamstring strains

16 September 2014
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Hamstring muscles are at the back of your thighs. Hamstring strains occur when the hamstring muscles or tendons are stretched beyond what they can bear up or torn due to excessive muscle stretching. This type of injury is common in sporting activities, and it ranges from minor strains to complete muscle rupture. Early treatment of strained hamstring is recommended for speedy recovery as well as a physiotherapist. The following are several strengthening exercises for the treatment of hamstring injuries.

Static or isometric contractions

You will need to lie on your tummy. The physiotherapist will then provide resistance for about 4 to 5 seconds as you contract your hamstring muscles and then relaxes. This stretching technique targets both the interior and external hamstring muscles at different angles of knee bend or flexion.

Standing knee flexion

Your therapist, like at Indooroopilly Physiotherapy Centre, will instruct you to stand on one leg and try bending the other one through gravity as resistance. This exercise should be done gently and gradually. Target three sets of ten repetitions on a daily basis proceeding to four sets of twenty repetitions.

Hamstring catches

Lie on your tummy. Lift one of your legs up from your knee section downwards. Allow your leg to fall under the pressure of gravity and only contract your hamstring muscles in order to prevent the leg from landing or touching down. This exercise seeks to work the hamstring muscles eccentrically through an extremely light active training effect. Again, start with one set of ten repetitions and proceed the next day to three sets of fifteen repetitions.

Bridge exercises

Your therapist will instruct you to lie on your back. Then, bend you knees and push your hips upwards in order to work the hamstring muscles. Please ensure that you use both feet on the ground to push up. Maintain the bridge position for a moment and then lower. Start with three sets of eight repetitions and then proceed to three sets of twelve repetitions. Later, advance the work out to single leg bridge. Maintain a straight line starting from your shoulder positioned on the floor to your knee at the highest point of the work out.

Norwegian leg curl

This is one of the most effective hamstring exercises. Kneel down and allow your physiotherapist to hold your ankles. Then slowly lean forward as far as you can while using your hamstring muscles to oppose forward movement. This helps to considerably strengthen your hamstring muscles and sooner rather than later, get back to playing.