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After having a bad fall getting out of the shower, I've been really struggling to feel confident on my feet and regain my balance. I have been doing some physical therapy and getting some followup support from my medical team to help me regain my confidence. I want to be able to live as an independent person and not always be worrying about slipping and hurting myself again. This blog has some tips from other people who have recovered from serious injuries and falls, and regained their confidence in their balance. I hope it will help other people in their journey to regain their balance.

Why You Should Always See A Doctor About Headaches

9 March 2021
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Headaches are a common issue and can have a myriad of different triggers, which can make them hard to diagnose. For some people, they are purely genetic and hard to treat, while for others they are actually a problem with the upper spine. This range is why it is so important to see a medical professional and get a proper diagnosis for your particular brand of headaches so that you can begin a headache treatment plan that is fit for you. Read More …